Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at One of These Best Pittsburgh Places to Have Dessert

Jul 26, 2019


There’s nothing better than treating yourself to a bit of dessert after a long afternoon of hard work. Let’s face it, you probably deserve a calorie-loaded treat, and Pittsburgh is going to give it to you. There are dozens of wonderful places to grab a delectable dessert no matter the occasion. Here are a few of our favorite stops for dessert.


Jean-Marc Chatellier’s French Bakery

This French bakery has you covered for the bookends of your day. Breakfast and dessert options are available, and they are so good, it’s definitely worth making a trip to twice in one day. Of course, this also opens up the wonderful possibility of having dessert for breakfast, which is always advisable in our books. Were you one of those kids who promised they would eat dessert for every meal of the day growing up? Well, At Jean-Marc, you can finally start making good on your promises.


If you’re a big fan of expertly crafted French macarons, you might not find a better one in all of Pittsburgh. The shells are carefully baked to perfection. They have everything you would expect from these delicate almond flour confections. They have a flavor to please everyone, but the salted caramel, espresso, lemon, and vanilla bean flavors are particularly popular.


The Milkshake Factory

Putting the words milkshake and factory together sounds like a match made in dessert heaven. Hard to argue with factory quantities of milkshakes heading directly into your stomach. Doctors and dentists might hate this place, but you won’t!


This little slice of dessert heaven has a few locations scattered throughout Pittsburgh, but it doesn’t have that mass-chain feeling that turns many people off from attending. If you’re in the mood for milkshakes, this place has you covered front-to-back and back-to-front. There are 12 gourmet milkshake flavors such as birthday cake, bananas foster, S’mores, and caramel macchiato. For a little less flair, opt for their classic and signature shakes which are just one or two simple flavors together. The Milkshake Factory also creates dairy-free and vegan shakes for those with dietary or lifestyle restrictions.


Not in the mood for a milkshake, but still want a frosty dessert to write home about? No problem. The Milkshake Factory whips up awesome sundaes and bubbly sweet ice cream floats of all makes and models. The restaurant also makes some very addicting chocolates for those who want dessert, but aren’t in the mood for ice-cream based treats.


Antney’s Ice Cream 

Antney’s isn’t here to bedazzle you with world-class milkshakes or entice you with delicate pastries. This ice cream shack is here for one purpose and one alone, to deliver delicious ice cream for those who want a frozen dairy dessert without all the thrills. That being said, the ice cream served is top-notch and its price-points are extremely reasonable. The next time you have a sudden urge for ice cream, be sure to stop in at Antney’s.


Pittsburgh may as well be called the dessert capital of the world. There are many delicious options around every corner. Check out one of these three great spots the next time you need a sweet treat.


Image via Flickr by Zeusandhera