Protect Your Exterior and Interior From the Hot Summer Sun

July 19, 2019


As summer approaches full swing, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. The heat from the sun coupled with the greenhouse effect which occurs in your vehicle can cause all kinds of havoc. There are, however, measures you can take to prevent harm to your car. Here’s a quick guide to keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape all summer long.


Make Sure Your Vehicle is Summer Ready

It doesn’t need to be stated that temperatures your car reaches in the summer are far higher than those achieved in the winter. While this applies to the cabin, it also needs to be considered for the components under the hood. Take steps to make sure your car is mechanically sound before summer’s heat arrives.


Give a quick, but thorough inspection to belts and hoses, paying extra attention to hoses that transport flammable liquid such as gasoline or oil. While you’re under the hood look for any debris that may have gotten trapped in the engine compartment. Do this seasonally to help keep your car in great working order.


Check Oil and Engine Coolant Levels

While making sure your oil is changed regularly is important year-round, take extra steps to make sure your oil and coolant levels are in check. This will help keep your engine from overheating during long summer drives. The coolant occasionally needs to be replaced. Look to your owner’s manual for how often your fluids should be replaced and follow that schedule. Doing so can reduce corrosion and deposits in the coolant system.


If your engine overheats, it’s important to stay calm. Pull your vehicle over to a safe place. Leave the engine running to allow the radiator to cool the car. If you believe there is a fire, shut the vehicle off and do not open the hood.


Clean Out Your Car Before the Heat Is On

It’s important to clean your car before the weather gets too hot. Any candy or sugary substances will bake and melt quickly as temperatures reach up to 130 degrees. Depending on the location of any spilled candy or chocolate, this could mean damaged or stained upholstery, which will lower the value of your car.


When you park your car, use a windshield sun guard to help protect your vehicle as well. While it won’t take huge steps to reduce the temperature of your car on a hot day, it will help shade the plastic and upholstery inside the car, sheltering it from the sun’s rays which can fade those materials.


Protect the Outside of Your Vehicle

The inside of your vehicle isn’t the only thing that needs care and protection. The paint on your vehicle is also susceptible to the sun and other elements mother nature throws at you. To keep your car’s finish bold and beautiful, apply a coat of wax or vehicle polish to help it stay in good shape.


Your vehicle is an investment. One of the best ways to maintain your investment is to make sure it’s protected during the summer. Follow our guide and your car will be cruising through the season without any trouble!


Image via Flickr by Quiltsalad